Your Top 10 SEO Questions

Your Top 10 SEO Questions

Your Top 10 SEO Questions

SEO Marketing 101: 10 SEO Questions, Answered!

If your just establish seo firm, and hoping that your firm will grow up to compete with others well-established firm, here are the basic knowledge that you need to know to ensure that you will be fully prepared in facing any unexpected consequences.

1. Is SEO expensive? How much does it cost?

The cost of SEO depends heavily on who is providing the services. Businesses who provide SEO at affordable costs usually cut corners. They use black hat techniques, or strategies with improper practices.

For comprehensive services, it can cost around $245,000 every year for small to medium-sized companies.

2. Your Top 10 SEO QuestionsHow long will it take to get new rankings?

You can’t achieve SEO results overnight. It can take several months before getting updates. Why? Search engine spiders need to index and craw the changes first. It all depends on how big your website is, the amount of work that will be required, and crawl frequency. Usually, it takes around 3 to 9 months before getting new rankings.

3. Is it possible for you to guarantee my rankings?

Ethical, reputable SEO companies will never guarantee rankings, simply because they cannot control it. No one will ever know how a particular website will rank. Search engines are constantly changing and evolving, so guaranteeing search rankings are unethical.

4. Is it possible for me to rank for a broad keyword such as “lawyer”?

General keywords are very competitive. It would be very costly to rank for this. Never go for broad keywords for reasons of relevancy. Of course, if you are an attorney practicing in New York, traffic from Los Angeles is not relevant for you. It is more pragmatic and cost effective to use keywords that relate to the locations of your company.

5. Which search engines get most of the searches?

Google gets the most search traffic. This is around 67 percent of total searches. The next one is Bing, which gets around 17 percent. Yahoo comes last, with 12 percent. Other search engines get the remaining 4 percent.

6. How often do search engines update their search equations and algorithms?

Only the search engine technology experts know the answer. However, Matt Cutts, a Google professional, said before that over 500 updates are finalized every year.

7. How long will it take before I see any traffic increase?

Web traffic is usually a result of a ranking increase. When your ranking increase, there will also be a gradual increase in web traffic. Take note that new traffic and rankings are not instantaneous. Completing the updates can take several months.

8. Is PPC required?

PPC or, Pay Per Click is an efficient additional technique that can be done to supplement all search engine optimization efforts. It can improve relevant web traffic. Good agencies typically recommend PPC on a case-to-case basis—it all depends on the industry you are in, and your website.

9. Should I continue my SEO strategy, even after getting good results?

Getting good rankings is just the beginning. It is just the first half of the battle. Search engines are constantly changing and evolving, so discontinuing your strategy means that your rankings may immediately fluctuate. If you want to maintain your good ranking, you need to continuously update your techniques.

Your Top 10 SEO Questions10. Can I just purchase links?

Link building is a crucial aspect of every SEO strategy. Links from “spammy” webpages, and bad websites will only hurt your ranking. Remember that search engines are continuously checking on bad links.

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