Why is Standard Roulette Illegal in California?

Why is Standard Roulette Illegal in California?

Roulette is a really old game but in California you can’t play the time-honored type. Sure the state requires roulette, not in the conventional style. Roulette has always been a regal and elegant game, unlike craps, a harder, more offensive game. In California, however, neither game is allowed and there is a good reason for that.

When their poker rooms lobbied the capitol to allow “other” card games, Washington State did the same. Like Arizona and California, they thought it would be much easier to say, “Well, the state already allows poker. It’s a card game. We just want a couple of other card games like blackjack.” And that’s how the lawmakers or the people voted on the steps. They voted for card games, not casinos actually. So, no craps and no roulette.


Nevertheless, to get around the rules, several California casinos sell a sort of roulette and craps that requires the use of cards to play. It’s not the same because it’s not the same. And, you can play slots legal and pretty darn near the real thing. If you love craps, throwing the dice, making last-second call bets and harassing the dealers will miss you.


You might also miss talk from dealers like, “Niner, niner, boxman’s a whiner.” But some of these games’ video terminals are connected to plexiglass bubbles where dice bounce around and give the game a feel. In reality, on the big video games, you’ll hear plenty of good-natured shouting and cheering for points. The games are pretty fine, as an exception or a replacement. You can bet on smaller sums than live sports, and casinos prefer them, so employee-wise, there are cheap runs. Instead of a team of four dice dealers and a boxman, a single slot tech will simultaneously watch the game and a few others!


As for roulette, there are now many firms offering roulette machines that incorporate an actual wheel. You make your bets on the video screen, the wheel spins, the ball is spun in the opposite direction and you can still watch it land right next to the amount you wagered on (no, it’s not rigged, it’s just as boring as the actual roulette). Actually, it’s as close as you can to the real thing and a lot of younger players have adapted very well to the new electronic games. Maybe because they’ve ever known it all. This does not bode well for casino dealers sadly.


California casinos also use a variety of roulette games for card play to attract business. Such games included Big-6 type wheels with 38 playing cards representing numbers 1-36 and 0 and 00 to card decks where the numbers range from 0 and 00 to 36 the same number. There are also several games where a roulette wheel is turned, but only to demonstrate which part of the arrangement is a single card drawn from a 37 (or 38) card shoe. If it’s not dumb to use a roulette wheel to pick a play card to represent the amount that should have been spun on a roulette wheel, so that’s the way the world gets around basic game rules-at least in California.

Not every casino is going to have the games you want. But, don’t worry as you can play Roulette online in malaysia.

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