What is the Basic Definition of Web Hosting?

What is the Basic Definition of Web Hosting?

So, you’re looking for a top hosting company, eh? That is understandable if you are going to be a website owner soon but have you ever stopped to wonder what the basic definition of web hosting is and why you need it?

Well, whenever you create your website, it will contain files such as images, videos, texts, and website codes that will all require some storage.

Web hosting is basically a means for you to rent a web server from a hosting company to house the files of your website to make them available for viewing online.

Web hosts are companies that own multiple servers that are kept inside data center facilities. You basically pay them for a small space on their servers and that is the basic definition of web hosting.

How Do Different Hosting Plans Work?

As of the time of writing this article, there are four hosting plans that you can find that web hosting providers offer to customers.

The first is shared web hosting. The reason why it is called as such is that you are basically sharing one server’s resources among other website owners that the company caters to. This is the most inexpensive and should be adequate for most website owners.

VPS hosting is another popular hosting plan and just like shared hosting, your website will be lumped with other website owners in a single server as well. The only stark difference here is that the company will use virtualization software to create a digital server where you are given specific resources for your website to use on its own.

Dedicated hosting is also a common offering but is not really indulged by many users simply because of the price. As the name clearly states, you are getting your own server mainly for your own website’s use.

A relatively new hosting plan, cloud hosting solves some of the issues that are present in the previous hosting plans mentioned. That is possible by using cloud computing technology meshed with typical hosting services.

What You Are Paying for

Web hosting providers typically follow a subscription-based payment model and you might be interested to know what you are actually paying for. Below is just a list of the common things you are actually paying for when you get a hosting company:

  • Server– You are paying for a small space on one of your web hosting company’s servers
  • Bandwidth- This is the data that is used to access your website. You are given a specific monthly limit and that will depend on the company itself
  • Storage– The storage capacity that is allotted for your website’s files and more. Just like bandwidth, you are also given a certain limit that you can use up every month
  • SSH, MySQL, and Other Server Parameters– Some usual backend stuff
  • Control Panel– A console that can help you control certain aspects of your website, as well as taking advantage of your web host’s features
  • Domain– In some companies, you are also given your own domain as part of the package
  • Customized Email– So that your emails will look professional
  • Technical Support– For whenever you come across any server issue

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