Website Homepages: 8 Features and Elements to Consider

Website Homepages: 8 Features and Elements to Consider

Are you excited to fill your website with lots of useful elements and features?

Minimalist websites are rapidly dominating the digital scene, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate all the useful features you want. Below are some website elements that you can consider.


  • Special Entry Points

Is your website created to serve members of an organization? Why not provide them unique access points to some special features? Think of an elegant way for them log in, and then offer exclusive information .


  • Hero Shot

A hero shot is basically a “main image.” This image should be the most prominent one in your page, and the most crucial element in the homepage. To captivate your audience, it should be blended tastefully with other elements. Keep it simple, but ready to serve its purpose.


  • Headline

You can captivate your audience through a combination of a good hero shot and striking headline. A headline is a crucial passage on your homepage that invokes a sense of belonging. All the best web design utilizes catchy headlines very effectively. If you are not very good at online writing, you may want to hire a copywriter. Trust me, it’s a good investment!


  • Call-to-Action Statements and Buttons

Surely, your homepage would have a lot of call to actions. For your homepage, make sure to create one that is visually prominent and functional. How to write an effective one? Start with action words, and experiment with various designs.


  • Introduction

A homepage can make or break a good first impression. It is the ultimate place to start a dialogue with your visitors. Make sure that your introductory copies are benefit-oriented, friendly, informative and inviting. Don’t forget to include internal links and keywords.


  • Portfolio

Learn how to sell yourself well. One of the first things that you should remember about this is making a good portfolio. Regardless of what your business offers, this is the very first thing your potential customers would want to see. Craft it meticulously.


  • Blog

Several content marketers and online marketers are publishes of content hubs and blogs. A blog would allow you to communicate more crucial information, in longer form, to your audience.

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