The Future of Affiliate Marketing

The Future of Affiliate Marketing

Facebook Adjustments

Facebook would start adjusting their prices, and access to a particular amount of data. Moreover, account strategies are also set to change in order to fight fake accounts.

Double Traffic Integration

Double traffic integration would really get popular in the following year. Why? Well, it just makes perfect sense to optimize all sources. This might work since more affiliates are leaning towards white hat strategies.

Influencer Traffic

Expect the rise of social media influencer traffic. Instagram is rapidly taking on the advertising sphere. However, the main challenge of them is fighting off bots that help increase follower count and likes. Did you just sign up for a Lazada affiliate program in Malaysia? Why not merge social media and influencer marketing with your affiliate marketing techniques? <

Death of Chat Bots

Many people think that chatbots suck. While some individuals are using it well, several professional still think that t’s not a viable platform. Some affiliate marketers use it to establish their own lists, and push web content to new users, though. 

Push Notifications

As the affiliate marketing industry progresses, affiliates are also given more choices for their convenience. Affiliate marketers always want to engage in new traffic sources to continue making more money. Push traffic is still new, but can be regarded as a good source because of its opt-in traffic style.

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