The copper fitting is presented.

Copper fittings malaysia

The copper fitting is presented.


The copper fitting, like the brass fitting, is part of the solder fittings. Soft or harsh soldering might be used to put it together. Brazing allows the pipes to be joined together, especially the specific fittings that are sized to the pipe diameter.

Copper fittings come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

You may put your installation together with the copper fitting. Copper fittings malaysia are available for almost any situation. The copper fitting can be limited by the use of tube bending, but it is still suitable for the private person of today’s use.

  • Table of power supply connection families / forms of connection / applications
  • Soldering or brazing the joint together
  • Welding allows two materials to be combined without the addition of a new substance, which is a contribution.
  • A filler metal is used to bind two components together with solder.
  • Solder is used to assemble the copper, and there are two types: soft soldering and strong brewing.
  • Soldering with a soft touch
  • Tin soldering, as it is more frequently known, requires a temperature of 450° C to melt the tin.

Soft soldering is simple to use and can be used to weld pieces of the following materials:

  • Brass with copper; copper with copper.
  • Brazing that is extremely strong
  • The filler metal, which is usually a silver-based alloy, is melted at a temperature of > 450 °C, which is the same as soft brazing.
  • Because the melting temperature of brass is near to that of the plaster metal in a copper phosphorus alloy, strong brazing poses the risk of melting the connection.

Copper fittings malaysia

Collars that have been beaten together

This assembly happens to be used to put together the valve parts as well as the two tubes that connect them. It relies on the tube’s work to widen the tube’s end and then fold it back to create a collar. The nut that comes to rest on this collar is stopped by this collar. Brass fittings can be used because of the battered collar. It is banned to use them recessed and for gas in this scenario.

Other copper fittings that do not require soldering or soldering

This sort of copper connection eliminates the need for soldering or brazing to join the tubes and valves. They’re simple to put together; simply screw them in place. The double cone fitting, the American fitting, and the automatic connection are the three most common seamless fittings on the French market.

Fittings of various types

Mixed fittings enable the assembly of copper pipes made up of several types of parts, for both water supply and sewage disposal. Almost any connection is feasible, but when assembling copper and steel tubes, one rule applies: the copper tubes must always be downstream of the installation and the steel must always be upstream. If you don’t follow this rule, your steel will corrode due to electrolysis. To link copper and steel, dielectric fittings are perfect. Copper fittings provide various advantages.

Reliability \Solidity

Depending on the type of connection, the installation might be exposed or recessed. We can connect you with one or more professionals if you so want. They will be able to provide you with a no-obligation quote.

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