Simple Mobile Marketing Tips for Beginners

Simple Mobile Marketing Tips for Beginners

Besides affiliate marketing, there so many avenues for businesses to try and promote their products and services. One of the best in this regard is mobile marketing. It is a modern marketing technique that entrepreneurs can utilize in a much more efficient way than traditional advertising methods.

Today, I am going to give you some simple mobile marketing tips for beginners if you ever want to try this out for yourself.

Using Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies

You might have already heard about virtual reality and augmented reality and you might have associated the said technologies with games. Although they are indeed quite popular in some modern games, their uses actually encompass a lot of things.

Virtual reality can be used to simulate an environment that will allow users to have a more ‘immersive experience’. You can use this on your business by creating an application and by utilizing a VR headset, a person can virtually interact with your product as if they are inside a brick and mortar shop.

Augmented reality can also be utilized by using a mobile device such as a smartphone or a compatible tablet. By using one’s mobile device, you can effectively showcase the products to your customers and have them displayed on their homes as if they actually bought the product.

This can improve sales mainly because it gives your customers an idea of how the product will end up looking when they make the purchase.

The Use of ‘Geofencing’

You may have already heard of geofencing but for those of you who do not know, geofencing is just a technology where you can set a designated geographical area so that you can send promotions to your customers. This is mainly used as a means of promoting local businesses.

For instance, whenever you want to promote your business to the people of San Francisco, you can use geofencing to set a perimeter wherein people who go inside the area will be given push notifications about your business.

Although not a lot of people use it, it may become quite a valuable tool that you can utilize to your advantage.

Target More Search Engines

Although there is no doubt that people use Google over other search engines out there, it is still important that you do not forget about the others as well.

For instance, you can target Bing users and effectively garner millions more views than just relying solely on Google.
Of course, you will have to develop your own SEO campaign for this, but it is worth noting to never ever forget about the other search engines as well.

Optimize Your Platform for Voice Search

With the rise of virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa, you can expect people to use voice search over regular search. That being said, you may have to use long-string keywords to ensure that your website will come out more than others in the search engine results pages.

In a study that was conducted in 2018, about 71% of mobile users actually utilize virtual assistants to make online searches. Let that information sink in.

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