Myths About Frozen Foods

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Myths About Frozen Foods

Fresh is not always the best but many people believe frozen foods are unhealthy and dangerous. This is very false since some frozen foods are proven to be more nutritious than fresh. This is because of the emergence of myths that made people refrain from eating frozen food. The frozen section is often the place where there are meals you can make almost instantly while also able to store it. In addition, the frozen section can be a treasure even if you don’t really know what you’re looking for because it has a lot of choices. Below are listed, the most common frozen food myths that you and everyone should stop believing in.

The Only Healthy Option is Fresh

Organic or fresh might be the safest, but frozen might just be similar or even better. That’s right, in some situations frozen food is more nutritional than fresh ones. Fresh food is usually harvested until the vegetable or fruit is ripe, and processed, delivered and preserved. However, fresh foods usually lose much of their nutrients in the three days following packaging. However, frozen food is harvested at peak ripeness within hours and instantly. A research by the University of Georgia in 2013 inspected the nutrient content of fresh and frozen food at the time of delivery, and five days after. Both frozen and fresh foods are nutritionally similar the day they’re purchased. But after a few days in the fridge, the fresh had less vitamins and minerals than the frozen foods.

Frozen food expires

Don’t be afraid when you find frozen corn or strawberries in your parents’ freezer back when you do not even remember buying it. Frozen foods can be preserved technically forever as long as they are stored at 0 ° F or below the entire time, according to Many people, however, aren’t great at properly storing food in the freezer, so there’s a time window during which food is at its best. Read the box notes on the package to learn how to store it correctly in the freezer.

All frozen food is highly processed

This might have been very true once back in the day where the food industry is not really focused. Nonetheless, today you will find safe options which are minimally processed and similar to their natural postharvest state. Before you buy, read the labels on the package. Look for any unnecessary preservatives or additives, and if you find them, put them back. Most natural food businesses have been innovating ways to freeze their products without those needless ingredients. It is to ensure minimum handling of frozen foodstuffs.

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