How to Word Your Wedding Reception-Only Invitations

How to Word Your Wedding Reception-Only Invitations

Get the wording right.

Making wedding reception-only invitations is quite challenging, since for it look great, you need to get the wording right. To keep the costs a bit lower, print reception details in the main invitation. Then, you can put an insert card complete with wedding ceremony information for a much smaller set of people. Apart from inviting your friends and relatives to witness the marriage, your wording must focus on saying that they are invited to the reception.

Prepare two sets of guest lists.

Prepare two guest lists. One for both wedding reception and ceremony, and then another one only for the reception. Feel free to make the reception and ceremony guest list small. You can have a small church wedding or a simple ceremony at the city hall.

Schedule the ceremony earlier that day.

Are you planning both the reception and ceremony on the same day? Have the ceremony earlier in the day. This will give you and some guests some time to celebrate. You can take photos and bond together, before continuing the wedding towards the evening. They will surely love your luxury wedding dress from Malaysia.

Stick to your guns about the people who are invited and not invited.

Some guests will try to pressure you into also inviting them to the ceremony. However, if you make any exceptions, you need to make another one. Stay strong. Stand by your first decision.

Schedule the wedding ceremony and wedding reception weeks or days apart.

Having the reception and ceremony on different days will require a bit more planning. But, it will also give you some flexibility. Depending on your schedule, you can do it ways or weeks apart. If you want, you can even have it two separate countries and states to celebrate with more friends and relatives.

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