Best Supplement For Better Sex

Best Supplement For Better Sex

Whether you have a weak sex drive, likely won’t get off, or if you have trouble conceiving, you’re not the only one. You’re far off from lonely, literally! Around 40 to 70 % of people encounter any kind of sexual problems in their lifespan, as shown by research by the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. The issue is, it’s a delicate topic when it comes to your penis. Men are much less likely to go to the doctor first, let alone report their medical issues. So, many turn to over-the-counter drugs instead of going for the supposed humiliation of their sexual failures and get medication.


That being said, here’s a list of men’s sexual health supplements to be either taken separately or in combination with others to treat specific men’s sexual health problems. 


Best use: improve sexual desire, reduce sexual dysfunction 

DHEA is a substance generated by the thyroid gland that the body requires to manufacture sex hormones. Regular supplements can help people with testicular shrinkage, improve sexual performance, and reduce sexual problems. And, while there is strong clinical evidence of the potential of DHEA to improve your sex life, studies have turned out to be consistent; more research needs to be done to show the full extent of its benefits and risks.


Best use: deepening sexual excitement and orgasms, decreasing recovery period 

One research shows that people taking the supplement reported an 82% rise in libido (more extreme arousal) after six weeks. Moreover, 63% of men consuming fenugreek reported an improvement in sexual functioning (stronger orgasms), 67% said the supplement improved their sexual recovery period and also improved muscular strength, physical energy, and healthy.


Best use: overall reproductive health help, including appropriate genital functioning, libido, efficiency, sperm value 

Ginseng is a super strength herb that has long been marketed as an aphrodisiac, sexual dysfunction remedy, and an overall sexual improver in traditional Chinese medical training; but it is the most primary ingredient in men’s sexual health products. Animal research released by the British Pharmacological Society found that ginseng has a beneficial impact on libido and sexual function, which also passes into human models. Ginseng increased sperm production and the number of healthy males, including those with fertility problems.


Best usage: Fight premature ejaculation, improve sexual pleasure 

L-arginine is perhaps the most popular amino acid in men’s health supplementation. According to studies conducted in Urology, but it is excreted too rapidly for any real gain. That’s why the L-citrulline that your body transforms to L-arginine is a safer alternative. Men also mentioned having so much sex but were very happy with the findings. 


Best use: Greater sex drive, sperm quality 

A comprehensive analysis of findings across 17 different data sources discovered the efficacy of maca in enhancing sexual function. One in specific, reported in Andrologia, found that 40 % of men who took maca plant supplementation for three months had a greater sex drive and also increased sperm development and motion.


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