Be Aware of the Different Types of Casino Bonuses

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Be Aware of the Different Types of Casino Bonuses

One aspect that can separate an online gambling Malaysia from the conventional casino is the bonuses. Yes, in an online casino, you can expect different bonuses, but there are times when they come with conditions and when they are accomplished, that is the time that you can claim the bonus. 

But first, you need to be familiar with the different types of bonuses. Check them out:

  • Welcome bonus

This is probably the most common casino bonuses in the online casinos. Most of the casinos offer this to lure players to their platform. This is even why there are also players who will create multiple accounts so they can get many welcome bonuses as well. But you have to note that not all welcome bonuses are legit. Sometimes, this comes with almost impossible conditions that a player cannot accomplish and so, he can’t claim this.

  • Bonus without deposit

There are bonuses that will first require you to make some deposits before you are eligible for them. But then again, there are also bonuses that will not require any deposit and you can claim them but once you have it cashed, that’s when you will be required to make a deposit. So, in a way, it is just similar. Usually, this type of bonus is used to entice players to make high stakes without additional risks. 

  • Deposit bonus

Yes, this is not like at the top type of bonus. Here you will get a kind of bonus when you reload though of course, there are still terms and conditions. The bonus will depend on your previous monthly activities like maybe, the amount of reload you have made. 

  • Payment method bonus

This will correlate with the bank and will be manifested by casinos. This will affect how you deposit and withdraw money. By using a specific kind of banking transaction, your welcome bonus and additional bonus will be based on it. 

online gambling malaysia

  • For high stakes bonuses

This is for those who usually wager great amounts and who are always playing. This is to further lure them to enhance and escalate their games so they will be more motivated. Aside from the bonuses, there are also other gifts like maybe some passes on great events and so on. 

  • Refer a friend

Obviously, this is a kind of bonus that one will get if he can refer a friend. That friend though must really create an account and make a deposit. This is usually a case as if not, a lot will just create an account for the bonus and that’s it! The casino cannot even make an ROI out of them. 

These are just some of the bonuses that online casinos possibly offer. You have to note though that not all casinos offer all of these bonuses. This is why you also need to check first if this is what you are after. After all, bonuses are always welcomed!

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