3 Most Important Emerging eCommerce Trends for 2020

3 Most Important Emerging eCommerce Trends for 2020

eCommerce was first introduced back in 1991, and has experienced rapid growth ever since. According to research, retail ecommerce sales worldwide have increased significantly each year since 2014. Of course, that growth will continue on in the future.

If you are managing your own online business, you need to keep up with the times. Learn how to stay ahead of the curve. Are you familiar with different ecommerce trends that you can merge with your marketing strategies? Even the most successful Shopify ecommerce platforms in Malaysia must keep up with online selling’s rapid growth. Below are three of the most crucial trends that you can take note of for your online venture.

1. The use of mobile devices are set to increase

More and more people are browsing the internet through their smartphones and tablets. According to a study conducted by Statista, sales from ecommerce stores have been increasing all over the world since 2016. This means that by 2020, over 70% of ecommerce sales will comefrom mobile devices. Mobile commerce is indeed part of the future. For your business to keep up with the changes in consumer behavior, you must do two important things:

    • a. Develop your own app.


    • b. Optimize your ecommerce website for mobile use.

2. The Amazon Effect

Amazon is a the most profitable, popular ecommerce business in the entire world. It’s success means that all other ecommerce businesses must pay close attention to its strategies. If Amazon implemented one effective strategies, maybe you should try it, too. This is called The Amazon Effect.

The Amazon effect pertains to the challenges online stores face when competing with this online retail giant. Many ecommerce businesses are offering fast shipping, and lower prices to make a profit. If not, they would risk losing to Amazon.

3. Written product descriptions are set to become obsolete

Another ecommerce trend that is set to dominate the future? The rise of engaging videos when it comes to marketing online offerings. According to professionals, soon, written product descriptions will soon become obsolete. Most customer would rather watch videos, instead of reading descriptions while shopping.

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