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Traits of an Event Manager

Event management involves more than just wedding or concert planning.
You can easily notice if an event was poorly managed through the chaos, but
for a well-planned one event manager will barely notice it at all.

What an Event Manager does?

Event managers use their organizational and business skills to plan, create and execute business and social events. These professionals work within tight schedules and budgets and coordinate with suppliers to deliver an event for their clients. A lot of companies utilize event management firms to set up and coordinate very important meetings and events for them. When working as an event planner, you will plan, evaluate and execute social events, non-profit organizations, government and corporate events. To achieve this, you need to be good at organizing and budgeting and not to mention being creative.

Managing and planning events

Planning of events starts with meeting the client and picking their brain about what they want and what they envision for their event. The client and the planner will then create a budget for the event and discuss the theme for that occasion. After finalizing the budget and concept, the planner will start on the location, the suppliers and the necessary permits if applicable. The planner will also coordinate with the client if speakers, transportation and parking are needed.

The event management team will also be on-site on the day of the event to run and manage the event and ensure that problems are handled properly. They are also there at the end of the event to wrap things up and coordinate with the client.

Event management opportunities

There is a growing demand in the industry of Event management and is seen to increase more in the following decade. A degree in events management and experience is required to start in this industry. A person that has good people skills, excellent in organization and can multitask is a good fit for this kind of work. This line of work will require you to work with public relations, hospitality professionals and would be travelling a lot to different locations while scouting for a venue.


Event Managers vs Planners

Event managers the ones with you from day one till the end of your event. They are the ones  that manage the details of the event, the suppliers, the timeline and the budget. They also help expedite the contract and selecting the venue for you. Event Planners see to it that they keep track of time during the event, ensuring that everything is properly set-up, managing the catering, wait staff and all venue-related tasks.

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